I’m lucky enough to have performed magic on the radio on several occasions. That sounds like an odd thing to say as “magic on the radio” sounds like a terrible idea…..How can an art that is so visual work with someone who is listening in the car or at home? 

There are plenty of tricks and performances which can work on the radio and appeal to people outside of the studio. I performed a trick on air last year where the prediction or revelation of the effect was in the Classified section of the local newpaper- it seemed to be well received both by the presenter and the listeners.

On Saturday morning I was interviewed on BBC Radio York. This was in order to promote a theatre show I am performing in on Valentines day. It was refreshing to be interviewed without being asked to perform as well. It gave the presenter and an opportunity to ask some interesting questions about magic and performance. The link to the interview is below and it starts at about 1 hours and 4 minutes in. The presenter is Russel Walker who is clearly a magic enthusiast, which was a real benefit in the interview.