The World's Biggest Magic Convention

Blackpool Magic Convention is the worlds biggest magic convention. It’s an annual event and about 3,000 magicians from all over the world descend on Blackpool. It’s a whole weekend of performances, lectures and demonstrations. It’s much like any trade show or conference but for the art of magic. Throughout the weekend there is a dealers hall, for magicians who sell all types of magic, from stage magic to close up and mentalism (mind reading magic). This is the perfect opportunity to chat to dealers and see other magicians perform magic.
Going to lectures and wandering around the dealers hall is a great chance to keep up to date with the new and interesting magic effects. I do normally come away having spent a good amount of money and more knowledgeable about magic than before.
Having been a magician for 9 years now, I do know most of the magicians in the country. It’s great because many of them are good friends and it’s always a great social occasion too! All in all a brilliant weekend and one which makes me grateful for having a job that is also a passion and hobby!