This week saw the annual magic convention in London take place. The International Magic Convention is a week long festival of magic, involving shows, lectures, dealers and competitions. It attracts magicians from all over the world and is a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. More importantly it gives magicians the opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

I was performing as part of the festival but spent the day on Sunday enjoying the convention. One of the main attractions is a trade show for magic. Creators of magic effects perform in a trade show environment to both amateur and professional magicians alike. It’s a great opportunity to add material to my working repertoire and stay in touch with new ideas and effects.

There are a number of magic conventions around the world but the International Magic Convention has to be one of the very best. It’s all organised by a good friend of my called Noel Britten and it is admirable how much time and effort he puts into it.

Congratulations to all magicians involved as it turned out to be one of the best conventions yet.