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Magic Circle Promotion

Last week I reached a real milestone in my Career. I was promoted to become an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle. It was a real privileged to receive this award and is the highest award achievable through examination.
To many outside of the magic community it won’t mean a thing, but it is nice to get recognition from Magic Circle Members and peers within the industry. The award was given to me for a performance I gave at the Magic Circle Headquarters last month. Thanks to all who made this possible- it’s done what good awards should do which is inspire and motivate me to constantly improve.


Hosting an evening at The Magic Circle

I have recently been asked, along with my double act partner, Richard Young to host an evening at the Magic Circle Headquarters in Euston, London. We have performed on the stage of the theatre on several occasions and it’s always an honour. Keeping involved in the Magic Community is the best way to progress my act, both close up and stage.
The evening is on Thursday 6th June and it’s a variety night, open to the public. Going to be brilliant I suspect!

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