After Dinner Cabaret

Although I perform predominately as a close up magician, I do also have a cabaret act that I perform as after dinner entertainment. The cabaret act I perform can last between 10 and 25 minutes and involves a mixture of routines from audience interaction to visual magic that can be watched passively. More often than not I perform this act having worked my way around the tables earlier in the evening. This makes life a little easier as I remember people‚Äôs names and, hopefully, the guests are more interested in my act as I have met them before. The cabaret act I perform seems to be a nice way to make the magic more of a feature of the evening and brings the entertainment to a natural conclusion. It’s also a nice prelude to any speeches or other activities. I have performed the cabaret act at weddings and private parties which are great fun as I can involve key guests in the show! On Friday night I performed at a charity event and as part of the promises auction they offered the opportunity to be the “Glamorous Assistant” in the cabaret show. The bidder happened to be a parent of the child in the photo. We performed a 15 minute cabaret act together which I had planned as an impromptu double act. It was such fun to do and the audience reaction exceeded all expectations. It brought a level of comedy to the act that really made the evening.
It’s worth mentioning that the art of magic is so versatile and being able to involve other people, products or themes is more than possible.
For Larger events I perform a stage illusion act. The scale of this show is much larger and appropriate for venues with the space and technical set up to accommodate the act. For more information pleases visit