The Christmas Party season is well underway and it’s a busy time of year for magicians around the country. Quite a few parties started in November and I do have a number of “Christmas” events booked in for January. It’s important to remember that some businesses are busy in December and it’s simply not practical to have a party in the lead up to Christmas. 

I have to say that I do love performing magic. Having performed professionally for about 8 or 9 years now I still enjoy it, very much so. Christmas parties can sometimes be a bit difficult though, especially when competing with loud music, streamer balloons and, something that is all too common, the drunken party goer….

As a rule, the more you drink the better the magic will look, but from time to it can be difficult to battle with a drunken heckler who is consistently disruptive. Don’t get me wrong, I do love interaction and joking with disruptive guests, however a line has to be drawn somewhere. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to do a great job at a table when you simply don’t get the opportunity to speak or deliver the magic. This can happen when you get a guest who is a few sheets to the wind and constantly wants to be centre of attention. I tend to think that the skill of handling people is more of a talent than the sleight of hand involved in any magic act. I have a keen interest in comedy and I have learnt lots from watching comedians handle hecklers and drunks.

Irrespective of the situation, including the inevitable abuse from the occasional drunken guest, it is important to maintain professionalism. At no point in my career have I lost control or been abusive back, despite the temptation to do so! I am in the fortune position to walk away from guests who are continually rude- a luxury that a stage magician or comedian doesn’t have.

I do have a real range of events booked in for the coming days. Last night was the Ericsson Christmas party with 500 guests and tonight is a family party of 16. I do enjoy the range of performances and every event is an experience which I can learn from…..