Having been a full time magician for about 8 years now I have been lucky enough to perform at a huge range of events. Events that vary in scale, budget and organisation. Some of the best events to perform at are the more intimate birthday parties and weddings. However, working on larger corporate functions can be a real eye opener. An example of this was an event I performed at last week. It was hosted in a beautiful venue in Harrogate. They had everything you could think of. Included were a flash mob (a group of dancers who appear out of nowhere- some of which were disguised as waiting staff and other guests), a caricaturist, a silhouette artist, a piano that plays itself and a fireworks display. Oh and that obviously excludes the chocolate fountain, popcorn machine AND ice sculpture in the foyer. More often than not having too many activities in the evening can be an overload for the guests, some of which just wanted to enjoy some good conversation! Nevertheless I think the organisers were happy and the event seemed to be a success. 

I’m still a firm believer that you don’t have to throw money at an event to make it truly brilliant- Some of best events I have ever done have been some of the simplest.