For many years I have been interested in the art of Card Cheating and Card Sharps. At the age of 18 I spent a long time practicing false shuffles, cuts and deals. It was a real passion for a few years and I used to perform demonstrations of how you could be hustled in a card game. On the back of that passion I learnt a few simple card tricks. It was a steep learning curve, as it didn’t take me long to realise that people were more interested in magic than the demonstrations of card technique.
I do try and keep my hand in by practicing regularly and I am occasionally asked to perform as a card sharp for the evening, which I really enjoy. Tonight I have been asked to perform some of these demonstrations on a blackjack table. It should be great fun!
Apologies for the poor quality of the video- it was for my own reference and I never really intended to publish it on my blog. It’s worth saying that these cards are regulation casino playing cards and there is no trick, gaff or gadget to it. The shuffles and cuts are still used in casinos around the world.