Whats the term for a group of Magicians?

This week I have performed on 2 larger events with other magicians, coincidentally both in Birmingham. It’s always really good fun when working with other magicians, most of which are close friends and people I spend time with outside of performing. This makes it all the more enjoyable and is also a chance to watch professionals, that I respect and admire, in a working environment.
Both events were similar in nature with over 400 guests spread over 40 tables. The challenge is to do the best job possible on each table without prompting applause or asking guests to cheer loudly after 3 – a trick, so to speak, that some magicians use when working with their colleagues.
Magicians, as a sweeping generalisation, are an insecure bunch of people. As a consequence I think it’s important that any applause and laughter generated should be genuine, not stage managed.