This is one of the busiest times of the year for magicians. Simply because there are so many events happening around the country. Weddings, cocktail parties, corporate events and anniversary parties are just a few to mention. The simple fact is that more events are organised when the evenings are longer and the weather is nicer. Who wants to have a celebration in November and January, when Christmas overshadows it slightly and you are force put to book an indoor venue, regardless of the weather?

I am fortune enough to keep very busy and this season has been the busiest yet. I absolutely love it too! The busier I am the better I will become as a performer.

Part of striving to become a better magician is adding new material to my act, which is something I am trying to do. This surprisingly isn’t easy. At every event I want to the best job I possibly can and this is clearly not the time to test out new material and iron out the glitches. 

As I am heavily involved in the Magic Circle, I network with magicians every week. Most of my best friends are also magicians and we do meet up to share ideas, routines and work on new material. I can then put this into practice on other friends and family before spreading the net wider at unpaid events and in bars/restaurants etc. The worst thing that I can do is perform 2nd rate, underworked material at a professional event. It does me no favours whatsoever and it will certainly not impress the booker. Keeping the standards as high as possible will only lead to more work and keep me even busier in the future.