Most of the Corporate Events I perform at are evening functions and, more often than not, the guests have been in training sessions or meetings all day. This can make for a great event, as the guests welcome the more relaxed sociable, atmosphere that the evening brings. Consequently the Magic is well received and great fun to perform.

However, from time to time I am asked to perform as part of the training day, with the idea of injecting some entertainment into training sessions. This can be tricky as the guests are not always in the right frame of mind and the sometimes stale atmosphere of a training room is a challenge.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been working for Miele, the German appliance company, doing a similar thing. I perform 4 sessions a day alongside a cookery demonstration that is taking place. Some of the magic I perform is themed with the kitchen, and the entertainment is an interlude between the procedure of cooking the food. It’s a tricky gig (the pun was thoroughly intended). Delegates, certainly in the morning sessions, are a tough crowd and it’s an odd atmosphere to perform in. However I have relished the challenge and have got great enjoyment from performing in the sessions. Cookery themed tricks and jokes are now very much part of my close up repertoire!