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Although to 99.99999% of people this show, and my involvement in it, will be long forgotten by the morning after. However, even with that in mind it is almost impossible not to be apprehensive about how I’ll be received on the night.

For those that don’t follow this blog regularly, which is everyone bar my Dad, I’ll  bring you up to speed.

ITV1 have commissioned and produced a 6 part prime-time magic show that will air from 6th November in the lead up to Christmas. It’s a show that contains world-class magic acts from all over the planet and they are invited to perform their very best material. Each performance is in a bid to be crowned The Next Great Magician and gain the prestige of their very own TV special.

Along with my double act partner Richard Young, I was fortunate enough to have been invited to perform as one of the acts on the show. Clearly this was some sort of clerical error OR the casting agent wanted to give us some content for the lackluster blog on Irrespective, it was an honour to be asked and we genuinely thought by utilising our extensive experience, humour, passion, drive, deep rooted friendship and raw determination, that we wouldn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of progressing past the first round.

However, a fortunate loophole gave us a good excuse to submit a performance using ‘Houndini’, the very first performing magic dog. In a transparent attempt to win the hearts of the British nation we hoped that by placing the focus on a cute, adorable dog we could ‘slip in under the radar’ and sail through to our own TV special. Did the plan and the performance work as intended? All will be revealed at 7pm on Sunday 6th November.

So all that begs the question. Why did you title this blog entry  ‘The beauty of Twitter?’. Well because what is more entertaining than the show itself is the outpouring of public opinion on platforms like Twitter. They’ll be highs and lows, positivity and negativity, and real gauge of whether our submission to the show is any good. If you don’t have a twitter account now then I suggest you sign up now!