This is the name of a new Saturday night ITV show that is due to air in the Summer/Autumn of this year.

Myself and my double act colleague Richard Young were fortunate enough to be invited to perform as part of the show, and have spent a few days filming our contribution.

NGM (the imaginative twitter hashtag for the show) will contain magicians from all over the world, all performing for about 6 minutes. For those interested in Magic, Illusion and comedy for that matter, you’ll be in for a real treat. I’ve watched a few of the episodes being filmed and it’s been a real honour to watch some of the very best doing their turn on the shiny floors of the ITV studios.  It’s a true variety magic show, hosted by Stephen Mulhern (a magician himself) and with a healthy budget to frame the performances in the best light possible. The show is put together by the off stage superstar Andrew O’Connor, who is responsible for some of the very best television magic over the last 2 decades. His weight within the magic fraturnity has encouraged acts onto the show that would otherwise be skeptical about having their acts televised. Consequently the talent to appear on the show is genuinely world class.

There will be 6 episodes followed by a one off special for the show and I’m sure I’ll do another blog post about it in the lead up to the air date.

In the meantime here’s a photo which gives a nod to the content we have submitted…..