As a professional magician, it’s important to keep up to date with things that happen within the industry. I visit the Magic Circle when I can (which meets on a Monday night) and have a number of close friends, who are all full time professional magicians. One of those friends has set up a Podcast for Magicians. His name is Richard Young and some readers may be familiar with the name, as I also perform in a stage magic double act with him.

Richard has done the industry of magic a great service by interviewing 50 magicians in the past couple of years in a Podcast format. Those interviews have been with the great and good of magic (creators, performers and academics have all made the list). They are always insightful, reflective and make the listeners consider performance tips, as well as their own attitude towards the art.

Last week, Richard interviewed me in an interview. This interview is far from insightful and reflective but it was bloody good fun to record. The format takes on a slightly different nature and highlights the strength and depth of our friendship over the years. The interview is intended for magicians but it might be worth a listen if you want to know more about our double act ( The link to the 1 hour interview is below. There are moments of passion in the interview so apologies in advance for a couple of choice swear words that appear.