The Christmas party season is almost up us. It really isn’t and I’m really not a fan of Christmas commercialism starting so early. However, it’s about this time of year when the Christmas party enquiries begin to come in. I have already filled some of the key dates this year with 3 bookings on New Years eve and a sprinkling of events over the key weekends.
The problem, if there is actually a problem, is that pretty much every Christmas party in the land wants to host it on the final Friday before Christmas. I have been performing magic for the past 9 years professionally and I know that all of my magician friends are no different.
This popularity inevitably means that you will be paying more for a magician than you otherwise would. This applies to my business and every other business within the hospitality industry. With this in mind, you will be paying more for the venue, food, drinks and after dinner entertainment.
It’s an obvious point to make but by being flexible with the date it can save you a fortune. Last year I performed at about 60 weddings and a good proportion of those were not at the weekends, in the main because of the savings that can be made.
As a close up magician, I am one of the last things to get booked when organising a party. By the time I am approached, most clients have already sorted the venue and set a date. That often means I am already booked so, if you can afford to be flexible and get in touch with me before setting a date, I can assure you of my availability AND best possible rate.
Despite my opposition to early Christmas Commercialism and having re-read the above, I have just realised that this blog post is no different. I’m now my worst enemy. This is all getting a bit too heavy. I’m off to practice a card trick…..