One of the advantages of being proactively involved in the magic community is that you get to share ideas and have the honour of calling creatively minded people your friends. And this is no exception with the idea of something called ‘The Secret Room’.
The idea is attributable to my good friend Alan Hudson who is a seasoned professional and has been in the magic industry for many years.
I do appreciate the discrepancy of discussing the ‘Secret Room’ on a public forum like a blog but it can remain a secret to the handful of people who read this…..
The premise is quite simple. A room in a venue is labelled ‘The Secret Room’. In the Secret Room I set up a table and handful of chairs. In the past more creative clients have lined the room with drapes and lighting it with nothing more than candles. Besides the obvious fire hazard and subsequent media story of ‘Magician makes room vanish in a puff of smoke’, it creates the ideal performing environment for a close up magician. No interruptions, no background noise, no food or drinks to compete with. It’s just perfect.
Accompanying the label of ‘The Secret Room’ are a handful of ‘Secret Room tickets’. These are distributed to some of guests who are invited to the first sitting.
After my performance I instruct them not to tell any of the other guests what they have seen or what is inside the room. This enviably builds up a mystery of ‘whats inside?’. The interesting thing is that the ‘magic’ of the Secret Room is not the tricks I perform, but the intangible enigma that builds throughout the event.
If you are ever having a house party and want that something special to remember, then the now ‘Not so Secret Room’ is the way to go. Just don’t tell anyone…….