Playing card production, and manipulation, was one of the very first branches of magic that interested me as a child. I used to sit for days practicing moves in front of a mirror. Card productions, if you haven’t seen them before, involves making cards appear seamlessly at your fingertips. I have to say that as a kid it was anything but seamless and it took a long time to make it look at all magical.
The real beauty about making cards appear and vanish is that it is instantly visual. This makes the learning process very infectious and you get instant gratification when looking at the move in the mirror.
It wasn’t too long before I developed a basic card production routine and started to perform it to a live audience. Generally it was well received and for a while I laboured under a misapprehension by thinking that what I was doing was technically demanding and a very good expression of raw sleight of hand.
However, it’s all relative and it was a classic example of the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.
I was fortunate enough to watch some of the world’s best card manipulators at magic conventions over the years and I have to say it has been mind boggling. These are performers who have devoted their lives to this branch of magic and spent years (not days) sitting in front of a mirror.
The reason to highlight my inadequate ability in this field of magic was to share this video with you. This is a performer called An Ha Lim, who is from South Korea. He is widely regarded as one of the very best card manipulators of all time.

It is a true honour to be performing alongside An Ha Lim, in August, as part of the Champions of Magic show. To share a stage with a performer of this calibre is as humbling as watching the act itself. Details for the show if you’re interested in seeing this act live, are:-