So it turns out that some people just aren’t that keen on magic. And this was evident from a recent trip to a Swindon shopping centre.

For those that don’t know, I perform a stage illusion double act called Young and Strange ( It’s very different to the close up magic that I perform, and have performed for many years.
Within the double act I play a character that is a little eccentric. It’s a real passion and we are always trying new pieces of comedy magic. It is, as with any professional act, a work in progress. Trying out new ideas, tweaking bits of script and constantly being mindful of being original in our approach to performance.
So we thought it would be amusing to take one of our large-scale illusions and perform it to the good people of Swindon. We had a great time!!! However, it wasn’t a sentiment that was shared by the staff in the Brunel Shopping Centre.
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